PaintPRO , Vol. 7, No. 6
November/December 2005
PaintPRO, Vol 7 No 5

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PaintPRO Current Issue  — Product Profile

Purdy Cub Short Handle Paintbrush


Purdy XL Cub short-handle paintbrush

Paintbrush manufacturer Purdy calls its new short-handled brush the XL Cub, and with good reason — the Cub is new, small and friendly as a baby bear in a children’s book.

The Cub’s short, ergonomic hardwood handle was designed with a professional’s hand in mind. Crafted of solid hardwood, the handle features an ergonomic thumb grip for superior control in tight spots. The thumb grip allows the user to apply extra pressure to hold the brush steady. Also, a flush fit between ferrule and handle allows more comfort and faster cleanup.

Short-handle brushes are used to paint awkward and hard-to-reach spots, such as when painting kitchen and bathroom cabinets. A lot of companies make short-handled paintbrushes, acknowledges Bruce Schneider, end-user marketing manager for Purdy, but some of them are intended for do-it-yourself homeowners. “Ours is totally a professional brush,” he says. “It won’t fatigue the hand if used for a long period of time.”

Without the short handle as an option, painters would have to saw off the end of a longer handle to make a brush that fits. A sawed-off paintbrush has lost its built-in balance, making it harder to use over the course of a workday.

Purdy Cub Short Handle PaintbrushWhile the XL Cub’s handle is new, its bristle head offers the same quality components and professional painting features found on other Purdy XL brushes. In fact, the Cub’s hand-built bristle head is the same as that found on the best-selling XL Glide models.

The head is handcrafted using two kinds of solid round tapered (SRT) filaments from DuPont: satin-edge Tynex nylon and Orel polyester. Purdy’s proprietary tipping and flagging process creates thousands of microscopic tips from which paint is applied to a surface for a finish that’s practically perfect. The Cub also features the famous stiffness retention of the XL line.

Introduced a few months ago, the XL Cub is just now making its way into stores. It’s available in 2-inch and 21⁄2- inch widths. At the moment, the XL is the only Cub, but Purdy plans to attach a Cub handle to more of the brushes it makes. “This is just a jumping-off point,” Schneider says.

For more information, visit or call (800) 547-0780.


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