PaintPRO , Vol. 7, No. 6
November/December 2005
PaintPRO, Vol 7 No 5

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Toolbox: Measuring Devices

PaintPRO Current Issue — Toolbox

The BYK-Gardner Micro-TRI-Gloss




BYK-Gardner's Micro-TRI-gloss is the successor to the company's best-selling multiple-angle gloss meter.

The Micro-TRI-gloss combines portability and ease of use with a unique functionality. With three measuring angles and an expanded gloss range of up to 2,000 gloss units, the Micro-TRI-gloss is flexible for any application, whether paint, plastic or highly reflective metals. International standards specify three geometries to guarantee reliable results when reading matte to high-gloss finishes.

The autodiagnosis feature in the protective holder checks the calibration values, tells when to calibrate and checks if the standard is clean. The device offers multiple readings per sample with full statistics, as well as pass/fail and differences against up to 50 target values. It also boasts a clear menu structure, a scroll wheel and sample storage. Its software allows direct data transfer to Microsoft Excel, and results are displayed in a professional quality control report with graphs.

For more information, visit the Micro-Gloss WEb site or call BYK-Gardner USA at (800) 343-7721.

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