PaintPRO , Vol. 7, No. 6
November/December 2005
PaintPRO, Vol 7 No 5

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Clear Wood Finishes
Keep Mold at Bay
Better Caulking Techniques
Estimating, Etc.
Contractor Profile: Catchlight, Inc.
Manufacturer Profile: California Paints
Paint Industry News
Product News
Product Profiles
Toolbox: Measuring Devices

PaintPRO Current Issue  — Product News




Sto interior and
exterior finishes

StoTique, new from Sto Corp., can be applied over any Sto interior or exterior finish for an antique or mottled appearance that will make any new surface look many years older. The coating treatment creates the illusion of aging through patina surfaces.

Sto EmeraldCoat, also new, is a light-green addition to the Sto Guard line of fluid-applied waterproofers and air barriers. The vapor-permeable, water-based coating was formulated for use under portland cement stucco and other claddings.


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