PaintPRO , Vol. 7, No. 6
November/December 2005
PaintPRO, Vol 7 No 5

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Other articles in this issue:
Clear Wood Finishes
Keep Mold at Bay
Better Caulking Techniques
Estimating, Etc.
Contractor Profile: Catchlight, Inc.
Manufacturer Profile: California Paints
Paint Industry News
Product News
Product Profiles
Toolbox: Measuring Devices

PaintPRO Current Issue  — Product News

Znsser DIF Paint Remover



Zinsser's Wallpaper Strippers

Zinsser's new DIF Fast-Acting Ready-To-Use Liquid works faster with less mess than other wallpaper strippers.

Special wetting agents penetrate and break down even the most difficult wallpaper adhesive in minutes. The nondrip liquid clings to walls and stays wet longer than other liquid removers. It is clear, nontoxic and can be applied by sprayer or roller.


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