PaintPRO, Vol. 9, No. 2
March/April 2007
PaintPRO, Vol 9 No 2

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PaintPRO Archives — Tooling

Airless Paint Sprayers

An airless paint sprayer atomizes paint by forcing it through a spray gun and out a small orifice at high pressure, not unlike a garden hose with a spray gun attached. The pressure on the liquid comes from a motor-driven diaphragm, piston pump unit or hydraulic pump instead of a compressor. Because air is not used to provide pressure, overspray and paint mist are practically eliminated.

Two numbers to look at when determining the capabilities of a spray gun are horsepower and valve opening size. Bigger pumps with bigger valves can handle heavier coatings.

Graco GH gas-hydraulic sprayers
The new series of GH gas-hydraulic airless sprayers from Graco Inc. features a high-efficiency hydraulic motor with field-proven performance in all conditions. These new units allow contractors to spray a wide range of coatings using multiple spray guns.  Go to article ›››

Graco Ultra and Ultra Max II sprayers
The Ultra and Ultra Max II series of airless electric sprayers from Graco Inc. feature Graco’s exclusive Endurance pump, which provides longer life, higher performance, easier cleaning and consistent spraying with a wide range of architectural coatings.  Go to article ›››

Titan-XT sprayers
Titan Tool Inc. has launched a new high-powered airless sprayer product line called Titan-XT. All four of the versatile, portable sprayers in this line come with Titan’s SureFlo Valve and Quick-Check Lit Power Cord.  Go to article ›››

Titan 540ix sprayer
Titan Tool Inc. has introduced the 540ix airless paint sprayer, which comes in three configurations to help with large residential, commercial and maintenance applications.
 Go to article ›››

Airlessco SL1500 sprayer
The Airlessco SL1500 airless paint sprayer, from Airlessco by Durotech Co., is an electric-powered model that is marketed to high-volume contractors who pump extremely heavy coatings such as waterproofing materials and wallboard mud.  Go to article ›››

Airlessco HSS9000 sprayer
Airlessco by Durotech Co. touts the Airlessco HSS series as being “designed with the features painters have come to expect from the Speeflo PowrTwin Series, while raising the bar in hydraulic and paint pump performance.”  Go to article ›››

Campbell Hausfeld PS270D sprayer
Campbell Hausfeld’s PS270D Airless Paint Sprayer and its two-gun capacity were designed with the paint contractor in mind.  Go to article ›››

Campbell Hausfeld tips with Quadraflow
After years of research and field tests, engineers at Campbell Hausfeld honed in on four spraying advantages for the company’s Quadraflow technology: lower overspray, a more accurate, precise spray pattern, less clogging, and longer life.  Go to article ›››

Graco RAC X Reverse-A-Clean SwitchTips
Job-specific RAC X Reverse-A-Clean SwitchTips from Graco Inc. offer long life, a superior fan pattern and a high-quality finish.  Go to article ›››

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