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august 2001
Vol. 3 No. 5
Issue No. 11

PaintPRO Vol 3 No 5





Cover: Photo courtesy of Deft, Inc., Irvine, California.

Clearly, It's a Matter of Taste
Selecting wood finishes for cabinetry

For the myriad of clear finishes available choosing the right one requires answers to several important questions.
by Stacy Enesey Klemenc

Move Up to New Business on the Roof!
For the miles of untreated and deteriorating cedar shake and shingles there are some great products and tremendous opportunity that await.
by Susan M. Brimo-Cox

The Last Word on the First Coat
It helps to brush up on distinction between primer and undercoat.
by Jeff Woodward

Giving Concrete a Facelift
Like texturing walls and ceilings, texturing concrete floors add color, texture and a lot of new business opportunity.
by Ester Brody

Negative Glazing with AquaGlaze®
Be more creative and have more fun on the job with some basic skills in faux finishes.

DEPARTMENTS Painter of the Month: Ron Franklin, Sacramento, CA
Maker of professional tools for professional painters.
by Bob Graham

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