PaintPRO Vol 3 No 5

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PaintPRO — Product Profiles

Armstrong’s Shake Shield for Wood Roofs

This month’s feature product is a specialized coating for wood shake and shingle roofs. Shake Shield, manufactured by The Armstrong-Clark Co. in Long Barn, Calif., protects new wood roofs, but was specially designed to restore older weathered roofs, giving the wood a rich, natural cedar look and dramatically extending its useful life span.

Armstrong-Clark Shake Shield Wood StainShake Shield is a non-drying, penetrating oil product that restores wood that has lost its natural oils from rain and sun damage. There are several distinguishing characteristics to this product:

  • Shake Shield uses a combination of heavy- and light-bodied oils to rejuvenate the wood cells that have dried out-even helping cupped shakes to lie down. Heavy oils act as sun protectors and water repellants. The light oils, combined with solvent, soak deep into the wood fibers restoring their flexibility.
  • The weather-sealing oils also lock in the non-drying light oils so they don’t wash off with rain or other moisture. If you keep water out of the wood, you remove the food source of mold and other infestations.
  • Three ultraviolet light inhibitors (pigments) provide protection from the damaging rays of the sun, which cause wood’s natural oils to bake out and gives the shake a healthy cedar color.

Shake Shield can be applied using a brush, roller, pump-up garden sprayer or airless spray equipment. One-gallon covers 75-square-feet to 100-square-feet at a fraction of the cost of a new roof. It provides one-coat coverage with reapplication recommended at five-to-six year intervals for maximum protection.

For more information about Shake Shield, call at (800) 565-8211 or visit the The Armstrong-Clark Co. Web site.

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