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january/february 2002
Vol. 4 No. 1
Issue No. 12


Cover photo courtesy of Olivier Garnier, Olivetti Mineral Finishes, San Francisco

Getting Started in Venetian Plaster
Take a closer look at the exciting and decorative application of mineral finishes.
by Gail Elber

Exterior Acrylic Stains — Providing Long-Lasting Finishes that Beautify and Protect Wood
Worry no more; acrylic products have demonstrated themselves with a terrific look on wood surfaces and greater longevity.
by Ester Brody

Gilding: A Centuries-Old Art that Still Looks Beautiful
Want to learn gilding but don't know who or where to ask for information? Find the answers to those difficult questions in PaintPRO and turn your fingers to gold.
by Dave Cagle

Respirators On the Job
A critical aspect of your company's health care lies in the proper and regular use of respirators.
by Ester Brody

Long-Range Planning: A Challenging but Essential Task
The critical questions you need to ask are: Where am I now? Where do I want to go? How am I going to get there?
by Bruce Hackett


Painter of the Month: Jean Pierre Berthy,
San Francisco, CA

Design of the Times — Murals, staining, faux-marble concrete finishes make France native more than a painter.
by Jeff Woodwar

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