PaintPRO Vol 2, No 5

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PaintPRO Archives — Painting Tips

HVLP Sprayer, Pressure Pot, A Pot Within A Pot

A very nice feature of the Conversion HVLP Sprayer is the 2 gallon pressure pot it houses. These pressure pots come equipped with a plastic liner which creates a better seal during use, and provides for easier clean-up after use as well.

PaintPRO found that simply placing a clean one gallon bucket with your already strained and/or thinned material right down inside the pressure pot leads to faster preparation and cleanup after the use of your sprayer. This tip is best suited for small jobs like a garage door, small cabinet jobs, doors, etc. Placing your one gallon bucket into the pressure pot does not restrict the feeder tube and does not impede performance of the equipment during use.


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