PaintPRO Vol 2, No 5

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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Gruven Roller Frame

Gruven Frame™, introduces a new and unique premium grade roller frame for conventional roller application. It slides on and locks to any roller extension pole (threaded or non-threaded) in less than 3 seconds with a simple quarter turn of a knob. A unique “sliding axle feature” locks the roller cover in place eliminating “walk off.” By changing or sliding the axle 4, 6, 7, or 9” roller covers can be used on the same frame. The roller endcaps are machined from solid Teflon providing the lowest bearing friction available, they will not squeak or rattle and roll smooth and true, they also eliminate roller “track lines” or “worms”.

The Gruven Frame™ is machined from billet high grade materials: stainless steel, aircraft grade aluminum and Teflon. An ergonomic 10” handle is included that is ideal for kitchens, baths, and closets. It was designed and developed by real painters to eliminate all the frustrations associated with conventional “throwaway” frames. Easy to clean, it will provide years of professional service. Entirely made in USA.


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