PaintPRO , Vol. 7, No. 2
March/April 2005
PaintPRO Vol 7 No 2

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PaintPRO Archives — Product Profiles

Jiffyloc You-Turn Swivel Action Roller Frame


Paint Roller, Swivel Action
Roller Frame

Swiveling roller frame
will turn heads
If Jiffyloc LLC has its way, painters all over the country will be doing the twist.

The company’s You-Turn Swivel Action Roller Frame allows a painter to change the angle of a roller simply by twisting the extension pole.

The adjustable roller frame has three settings, selected with a position control knob. The “Free” mode is the one with full flexibility. Painters can literally steer and swivel their roller around corners, doors and cabinets. With this frame, they can paint a larger area from one ladder position.

“You can change the angle of the roller as you paint,” says Jiffyloc president Mike Lanz. “You don’t have to bring the pole down and physically move it with your hands.”

The “Adjustable” mode restricts the roller frame’s movement so that it will hold angled positions under pressure. The frame snaps into one of four positions as it turns. The painter can adjust the amount of tension the frame uses to curb movement.

Finally, a “Locked” mode holds the frame fast in one of four positions for traditional paint-rolling.

The roller itself slides onto a five-wire “Bump-Off” cage. Bumps on the wires hold the roller in place, but let it be knocked off when it is no longer needed.
The frame can be clipped onto a Jiffyloc quick-release extension pole or screwed onto any standard threaded extension pole. However, Lanz warns, the constant swiveling may make it harder for a thread attachment to hold the frame in place. “It works best with ours because it can’t unscrew,” he says.

Jiffyloc sells optional adapters that clamp the frame onto a standard pole, making the assembly as rigid as one that uses the company pole.

Jiffyloc LLC, an Oregon-based company, can be reached at the JiffyLoc Web site or (800) 513-9473.


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