PaintPRO , Vol. 7, No. 2
March/April 2005
PaintPRO Vol 7 No 2

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Texturing Drywall
Stripping Masonry Blocks
Ceramic Coatings
Construction Outlook
Sheepskin Rollers
Estimating, Etc.
Contractor Profile: Alan Bond
Manufacturer Profile: Corona Brush
Paint Industry News
Product News
Product Profiles
Toolbox: Sanders & Scrapers
Painting Tips



PaintPRO Archives — Product News


New Old House paint
ICI Paints, the manufacturer behind the Glidden and Ralph Lauren brands, launched a This Old House paint line in March. Go to article ›››

Swedish brushes make Stateside debut
Viking Sales Inc. has introduced a new series of ergonomic paintbrushes from Anza, a Swedish manufacturer, to the United States. Go to article ›››

New tools from Hyde
Hyde Tools Inc. has added a repair patch and a group of spray gun extensions to its family of tools for professional painters. Go to article ›››

Similar systems, different drives
Mi-T-M Corp. has introduced two lines of cold-water aluminum pressure washers.
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Treatment engineered for exotic woods
Wolman Wood Care Products has released Wolman EHT Exotic Hardwood Treatment.
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Exercise your right to keep and bear arms
Viking Sales Inc. has introduced a professional version of an articulating clamp arm for the Silent Paint Remover. The professional arm offers a 6-foot vertical reach instead of the old arm’s 3 feet. Go to article ›››

Tray included in new paint containers
A new innovation from Dutch Boy combines paint with roller tray. The Ready to Roll project-sized paint container comes with a built-in roller tray, ready for dipping and rolling as soon as the lid is removed. Go to article ›››

Less mold, more color
Morwear Paint Co. has introduced the Morwear Plus line of anti-mold color paints.
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Web weather service helps with job planning
AccuWeather Inc. has launched the Planner, a Web-based service that gives a two-week snapshot of the weather on a single page. Go to article ›››

Celsius on the cellular
Wireless weather via cell phone is another new offering from The subscription service, Premium Wireless, provides information on demand through 15 wireless service providers nationwide. Go to article ›››

Its time has come
Bond Distributing Ltd. has introduced One Time, the first outdoor wood protector to offer a long-term warranty against damage from rain, wind and sunlight. Go to article ›››

Wet? No sweat
The S.P.F. system, a new stain product from Samuel Cabot Inc., allows contractors to finish deck or fence jobs in spite of wet conditions. Go to article ›››

Primer takes aim at odors
Zinsser’s newest coating, Bulls Eye High Hide Odorless Primer-Sealer and Stain Killer, is a sprayable 350-VOC solvent-based odorless primer. Go to article ›››

Glow little GloBug, glimmer, glimmer
Multiquip Inc. has released two GloBug light towers that flood work areas with 360 degrees of glare-free light. Each lightweight tower includes a 1,000-watt metal halide lamp that illuminates distances of more than 150 feet. Go to article ›››

Stripping pad and holder helps you get a grip
Norton Abrasives has introduced a grip-on stripping pad and holder combination that removes flaking paint, varnish, surface rust and corrosion. Go to article ›››

A more compatible Sherlock
The new Sherlock GT Convertible pole combines all the features of the original Sherlock GT pole with a self-storing conversion tip that makes the pole compatible with all threaded tools. Go to article ›››

Uh oh, stains must go
Back to Nature Products Co. has introduced its newest environmentally friendly product: Uh-Oh, a stain and splatter remover. Go to article ›››

Tapemaker gets the blues
Supreme Blue tape is the newest addition from Sekisui TA Industries to its line of specialty tapes. Go to article ›››


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