PaintPRO, Vol. 7, No. 5
September/October 2005
PaintPRO, Vol 7 No 5

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Removing Graffiti
Tools for Paperhanging
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Paint Industry News
Product News
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Toolbox: Ladders & Accessories
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PaintPRO Current Issue — Professional Painting Tools & Products

Deep Red and Ultra Tred
Muralo Paints has introduced two new paints: a water-borne satin epoxy and a cover-all red base/primer. Go to article ›››

New from Minwax
Minwax Improved Formula Helmsman Spar Urethane and Minwax Clear Brushing Lacquer are both new from Minwax. Go to article ›››

Giving painters a hand
Mr. LongArm offers two new ways for painters to extend their reach. The Profile, Mr. LongArm’s new ergonomic utility handle, features a teardrop-shaped body that is unique in the extension pole market. Its full-length soft rubber insert and fluted body make it a more comfortable hold. Go to article ›››

Wallpaper remover adds pressure
Roman Decorating Products has introduced Strip Wallpaper Remover, a new product marketed under the Golden Harvest brand. Go to article ›››

EXELent pumps
The EXEL Pump line, new from Binks, includes four models that deliver significantly more fluid than other horizontally opposed pumps at the same rate of air consumption. What’s more, the pumps’ unique design allows them to run for long periods with virtually no maintenance or downtime. Go to article ›››

Silicone you tint yourself
Pecora Corp. has introduced Pecora 890FTS (Field Tintable Silicone), touted as the industry’s first Class 100 nonstaining field-tintable silicone sealant. Go to article ›››

Wooster crows about Pelican
The Pelican handheld pail, new from Wooster Brush Co., works with both brushes and rollers. Go to article ›››

From putting it on to taking it off
Four new products from 3M cover the entire spectrum of painters’ needs. The Scotch-Blue Painter’s Tape Applicator is designed to precisely apply tape to painted or finished trim and woodwork. The compact, lightweight applicator fits in the palm of either the right or left hand and can be used in either direction. Go to article ›››

Fresh air, clean guns
DeVilbiss has introduced two new accessories for the paint industry. The DeVilbiss Air Vizor was previously sold mainly to automotive refinishers. The full, lightweight face mask is appropriate for use in working with many finishing applications, including adhesives, ceramics, composite materials, corrosion prevention, metal finishing, plastics and wood. Go to article ›››

Look: No hands
Viking Sales Inc. has added the Clamp Arm Classic to its line of hands-free attachments for the Silent Paint Remover. Go to article ›››


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