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february 2001
Vol. 3 No. 1
Issue No. 7





Cover:Plateall cold-spray metal coatings and sculpture by Jerry Kidd.
Photo by Time Bottomley.


Waterproofing Masonry
Educating customers can help you seal the deal.
By Jeff Woodward

Concrete Surface Prep
Understanding concrete, identifying potential problems and knowing how to prepare the surface for virtually any type of coating will lead to great results.
By Robert Simpson

Epoxies for Floors
Knowing the products and following manufacturers directions can eleviate costly mistakes. Get to know the manufacturers.
By Robert Simpson

Color My World
There's a lot more to it than simply applying color to walls.
By Susan Brimo-Cox

The Artists' Artist: Scenic Artists Create the Ultimate in Faux Images
Where did faux really get it's start in the USA?.
By Ester Brody

Estimating for the Painting Contractor
Article number one of seven, Introduction.
By Len Hijuelos


PaintPRO's Painter of the Month: Marsha Ives
Her artistic flair in painting exceeds the demands of discriminating customers.
By Jeff Woodward

Product Profile: Metal Coatings Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary
It just doesn't look like real metal, it is real! And it can be applied almost anywhere. VERY COOL!!
By Bruce Hackett/Cheryl Anderson

Great Ideas
If you are now giving concrete a quizzical look let Joanie Valenti offer you some ideas.
By Ester Brody

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