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Vol 5 No. 3
May/June 2003
issue No. 18

Cover: Marble inlay with Dutch Matel Leaf, created
by Real Illusions of Venice, California. Photo by Joe Mineau.

Preventing Coating Failures on Wood
Understanding the properties of wood will help you apply long-lasting coatings.
by Gail Elber

Brushes and Rollers for Decorative Applications
Create some amazing effects with tools you already have!
by Denise Wendt

Concrete Sealers
Match the sealer to the job, and let your work shine!
by Susan Brimo-Cox

Pressure Washers
Tips for buying and maintaining these important tools.
by John Strieder

Faux Topics: Using Glazes
by Mollie Conklin Eckardt

PROPrep: Scraping... Ugg or Awe!
The humble paint scraper can turn out to be your best friend on the job.
by Bent Mikkelsen


Painter of the Month: Jo LeSoine - Real Illusions Inc., Venice, California

Manufacturer Focus:Benjamin Moore & Co.
One of America's oldest paint manufacturers has maintained top quality while developing new products for the industry.



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