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PaintPRO Archives — Industry News

Zinsser partners with Earthstone
Zinsser Co. Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance paint primers, specialty paints, wallcovering products and clear finishes, has entered into an agreement with Earthstone International LLC, a privately held company based in Santa Fe, N.M., to distribute its QuikSand and PowerSand sanding blocks to hardware stores, paint stores, home centers, and paint and decorating distributors throughout the United States.

QuikSand sanding blocks, available in a variety of grits, have a clog-resistant surface that won’t tear on sharp surfaces. The abrasive surface is self-sharpening and conforms to the shape of the surface being sanded. PowerSand is a new, long-lasting abrasive block that is designed specifically for power sanders. For additional information, call (732) 469-8100.

Promotions at Futura
Futura Coatings Inc. has announced the promotions of Gary Walker and Tony Puello. Walker, who has been with Futura since 1984, will service customers in the central states of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. Puello has been promoted to southwest regional sales rep for California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Futura Coatings makes high-performance, spray-applied polyurethane and polyurea coatings, binders, elastomers and structural resins used in a variety of industries. For more information, visit the Futura Coatings Web site.

Surface prep big in Russia
Russia's Ministry of Railways (which oversees more than 1.3 million employees and more than 140,000 kilometers of rail track) has ordered three BCP Wheelabrator Blast and Paint systems for delivery this year. This order is the largest of its kind in the surface preparation blast industry in Russia and is the largest single order placed for BCP-Wheelabrator equipment in its history. USF Surface Preparation Group and its subsidiaries, BCP and Wheelabrator, have made a long-term commitment to allocate resources and people to continue to develop the trust and confidence of the Russian business community as the preferred solution to its surface preparation needs.

Changes at Red Devil
Donald MacPherson is retiring after serving as CEO and president of Red Devil Inc. since 1991. MacPherson, who began his career in the hardware industry 54 years ago, has agreed to remain as a consultant to Red Devil until the end of 2003.

William S. Lee, a fourth generation of the Lee family that founded Red Devil in 1872, will become CEO. Lee, who holds a graduate degree from Cambridge University, England, and an undergraduate degree from St. Andrews University, Scotland, previously served as Red Devil’s CFO. “I look forward to continuing the Red Devil tradition of providing quality products and the highest level of customer service to the industry,” said Mr. Lee.

Craig Cartwright, formerly vice president, operations, has been promoted to executive vice president, and Robert Duess has been promoted to chief financial officer.

Red Devil is a manufacturer of caulks, sealants and painters’ hand tools.

Lead analyzer gives precise results
Government tests have found Palintest’s portable SA-5000 Scanning Analyzer for measuring lead contamination to be more precise than instruments costing over seven times as much. The SA-5000, tested as part of the EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program, was found to be relatively simple to operate and matched extremely well with a reference laboratory sample. The analyzer can analyze surface dust, airborne particulates, water, paint and soil. Particulate samples are first prepared as a solution by agitating the sample with dilute nitric acid. A disposable mercury-film electrode is then immersed in the sample and the elements present are electroplated on to the electrode. These are then anodically scanned, reoxidized, and stripped out of the electrode, and the resulting current generated can be used to provide a concentration measurement for each element present. For more information, call (800) 835-9629 or visit the Palintest Web site.

Inventors hope to stir up interest
Two inventors from Portland, Ore., hope to market the Power Blaster, which is designed to clean brushes from the inside out. The Power Blaster allows paint to be removed from behind bristles and other hard-to-reach places and cuts down on cleaning time. For more information, call (800)-622-9855 or visit the ISC Web site.

Author offers wealth of information
Evergreen Technology announces the release of its new book and software package called “The Guaranteed Wealth System.” The author, Lynn Fife, has also written seven other books specific to the painting, wallcovering and faux finishing industry. This book, however, extends beyond the business side and more into the personal side of building wealth.

The book goes over how to plan for your personal future and how to take that plan and put it into action by creating personal budgets; finding extra money (without having to take on another job); understanding how debt effects greatly delay wealth; how to become 100 percent debt free (including mortgage) in less than seven years; and finally, how to make investments grow quickly. The package includes a detailed instruction manual, all the worksheets needed to complete a personal wealth plan and an easy-to-use software package that will show exactly how long it will take to hit retirement goals and show the actual plan in action. The package costs $49. More information can be found on the Evergreen Technology Web site or by calling (800) 697-5413.

Product still popular after fifty years
Fifty years ago, United Gilsonite Laboratories introduced Drylok Ready-Mixed Double Duty Sealer — now known as Drylok Masonry Waterproofer — to the marketplace.

Over the past 50 years, Drylok Masonry Waterproofer expanded from the powdered formula to the oil base formula to the latex base formula. Today, all three formulas are still available. The oil base and latex base formulas are available in white, gray, beige and blue and can be tinted to a light color, making them not only a protective coating but also a decorative one.

Drylok Masonry Waterproofer protects interior, exterior, above- or below-grade masonry walls, retaining walls, basements, concrete swimming pools, cisterns, water holding tanks and foundations. For more information, visit the UGL Web site.


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