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PaintPRO Archives — Product News

Sprucing Up Original Home Of Spruce Goose Aeroplane
Peel Away 7 Selected for Renovation of National Historic Landmark
When Howard Hughes built the Spruce Goose Aeroplane back in 1947, the Hughes Aircraft facility consisted of a few airplane hangars plunked down on the Playa Vista property in Culver City, CA. Now part of Steven Spielberg’s well-known Dreamworks production facility, the site has grown to include more than 20 redwood and metal hangars. Go to article ›››

Cabot Web Site Invites You To Dream In Color!
A unique opportunity to “Dream in Color” is just one of a dazzling array of new features available on the totally redesigned and updated website being launched by Samual Cabot Incorporated. On this new site, you can... Go to article ›››

Shark Pressure Washer Redesigned for Convenience and Easy Handling
Rated 3 GPM @ 2,000 PSI, the Shark Model B2030H cold-water pressure washer now has a redesigned chassis that makes loading, unloading and portability a breeze! Front and rear handles make for easy lifting and loading. Go to article ›››

Red Devil, Inc. has announced Paint MasterTM Caulks
Red Devil, Inc. has announced Paint MasterTM Caulks, a professional line of high-performance caulks and sealants perfect for painting contractors or remodelers. Red Devil Paint MasterTM Caulks feature excellent paintability, durability, and easy application.
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Lynn Ladder & Scaffolding Opens Scaffolding Educational Center
Lynn Ladder & Scaffolding Company, Inc. has opened a Scaffolding Educational Center at their newly renovated Boston Street location in Lynn, Massachusetts. The Primary Access Training program was developed and sanctioned by the Scaffold Industry Association and is taught by SIA approved instructors at Lynn Ladder & Scaffolding.
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Sheetrock First Coat Basecoat Paint Minimizes Decorating Problems
United States Gypsum Company, a subsidiary of Chicago-based USG Corporation, is the world’s largest manufacturer of gypsum panels, joint compounds, plasters and related construction products. Contractors can minimize drywall decorating problems such as photographing and joint banding with a unique new prime coat from USG Corporation.
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New Waterborne Varnish Offers A Clear Advantage for Contractors
Latest Addition to Sherwin-Williams Wood ClassicsTM System Boosts Productivity
Professionals rely on Sherwin-Williams innovative WoodClassics™ System of interior stains, sealers and varnishes for unparalleled speed, color selection and versatility.
With Wood Classics, labor costs can be reduced without sacrificing quality. Now, a new Waterborne Polyurethane Varnish from Sherwin Williams makes the system even more versatile. Go to article ›››

Two New Cleaners from Lilly
Lilly Industries is introducing two new hand cleaners and removers. Goof Off Cleaner is a citrus and pumice based hand cleaner with skin conditioners which quickly removes paint, grease, tar, adhesives and other stains. It can be used with or without water. Go to article ›››

Blow ‘N’ Go
Paint Smart Inc. introduces an exclusive reversible flat tip housing. This advancement in reversible technology provides a simple, quick, and reliable method to blow out a tip obstruction. Go to article ›››

Zipwall Dust Barrier Announces New Pole Length
Zipwall LLC. of Cambridge Massachusetts announces that its award-winning dust control barrier system is now available in 20 foot pole length. This length will be offered in addition to the company’s standard 12 foot length. Go to article ›››

Faux Like A Pro “Works Like A Charm”
In 1995 a husband and wife team, comprised of an internet guru and an accomplished painter, launched a new web site called Faux Like A Pro. Before the “virtual” ink could dry in cyberspace, the unique venture was off and running in a BIG way. Go to article ›››

Scuffmaster Armor Commercial Wallfinishes
The World's Toughest Paint — Master Coatings Technologies introduces Scuffmaster Armor Finishes Collection for commercial walls. Armor finishes are unique among multi-color wall paint systems because of their water-based polyurethane plastic formulation fortified with Kevlar, which results in a significantly more abrasion-resistant and cleanable finish than other decorative multi-color products. Go to article ›››

New Colors. The Right Colors. The Right Look.
The look is very complex, layered and dimensional up close, yet from three feet and beyond, the color combinations take on a more monochromatic appearance with noticeable visual complexity. This optically solid color effect defines Polomyx Gallery III Series Colors interior multicolor wall finish. Go to article ›››

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